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Grants Management Directory

Grants Management Directory
The Grants Management Directory provides all information about competitive and formula grants available through the Minnesota Department of Education in a centralized publically available location. You can view current or open grant opportunities that are accepting applications, search for a specific grant, view awarded grants or view closed grants that are now archived.

SERVS Financial
SERVS Financial is a password protected web site for members of educational organizations who have received prior approval to submit grant applications and create budgets, approve transactions, request fund reimbursement, or simply view grant applications and the budget management process.

Getting Started
Once you have selected a grant opportunity and have prepared the application materials you are ready for SERVS Financial. Your organization must be pre-registered with MDE. Public K-12 districts and most private schools are already registered. Non-profit organizations may register by sending an e-mail request to:

To set up an individual user account select Log-in to SERVS Financial on the left navigation bar, and follow the new user directions. If you already have an MDE web-user profile enter your user ID and password and follow the directions to request permission to use SERVS Financial. You may request permission to the role authorized for you by your Identified Official with Authority.

Apply for a Grant
Once you have established an MDE web user profile and your organization has authorized you to act on their behalf, you are ready to begin the four step grant submission and budget management process.

Note: Your grant application document must be saved using your native version of Microsoft Office® Word. Do not attempt to save your application document as any other version and do not change the name of the application you downloaded.

  Step 1 - Select, download and complete application materials from those currently available in the Grants Management Directory.
  Step 2 - Submit grant application materials in SERVS Financial.
  Step 3 - Create an-on-line budget in SERVS Financial.
  Step 4 - Once MDE has approved your grant application and budget you may begin to request reimbursement for expenditures in SERVS Financial.

The Grants Management directory and SERVS Financial Data submissions Page hosts a variety of useful information.

All Open Grant Opportunities

A list of grant opportunities that is currently available. You may view the details of a grant opportunity and download the grant application including required assurances, application instructions. Most competitive grants will have the application review form available.

Search Open Grant Opportunities

You may specify one or more search criteria to help pinpoint a specific open grant opportunity.

All Archived Grants

A list of archived grants that are closed. You may view the details of the expired grant opportunity and even download the application materials, but you can not apply.

Search Archived Grants

You may specify one or more search criteria to help pinpoint an archived grant opportunity.


This email address will put you in contact with an MDE specialist who will provide assistance.


Clicking on Help will return you to the SERVS Financial Data Submissions page where you can access authorization forms and SERVS Financial WebEx training sessions.

Log in to SERVS Financial

This is the one-stop-shop for submitting grant applications, managing a budget and requesting reimbursement for expenditures.