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Interpreter Information: Basic Information

Welcome to the MDE Interpreters' Database online registration. To complete a new registration, please fill in the information requested on the following form. All sections of the application are required. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after your registration has been submitted.

New interpreters must be approved before their name appears in the database. The approval process takes approximately 2 weeks. Registrations will not be approved if they are missing information or contain errors. Please proofread your application carefully.

If you are already listed in the database and wish to update your information, please e-mail the changes to

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Contact Information

*First name:
 Middle name:
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Training and Experience

1. Training related to interpretation and translation:
  MN Court system orientation
  MN Court certified
  University of Minnesota interpretation/translation courses
  MN Dept. of Education workshops
  School District training
  Other college or university training (explain below)

  Brief description of professional training:

2. Type of Interpreting or translation experience:
   IEP meetings
   Special Ed evaluation
   Parent-Teacher conferences
   Preschool screening
   Other school functions
   Medical interpreting
   Legal/Court interpreting
   Other (explain below)

  Brief description of experience, including amount of experience:

Time Availability

*Time Availability
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Travel Availability

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*I can travel to the following area(s):
Metro area (Minneapolis, St. Paul and suburbs)
Southeast Minnesota (Rochester, Red Wing, Albert Lea area)
South Central Minnesota (Mankato area)
Southwest Minnesota (Marshall, Pipestone, Worthington area)
Central Minnesota (St. Cloud, Brainerd area)
West Central Minnesota (Moorhead, Pelican Rapids, Detroit Lakes area)
Northwest Minnesota (Bemidji, Warroad, East Grand Forks area)
Northeast Minnesota (Duluth, Virginia, International Falls area)